All orders are presented by us to the carrier within 48 hours.

Letterbox shipping

For some items it is possible to request letterbox shipping, follow the following steps before requesting letterbox shipping;

1. Send us an email on info@delenkorf.nlwith the subject of 'letterbox shipping' with the products and the quantities you want to order
2. We review the diminutions of your order and calculate the weight and offer you an adjusted shipping rate, which will be as follows;

  • Up to 20 grams (weighed including shipping envelope and label) 3.50 euros
  • Up to 50 grams (weighed including shipping envelope and label) 4.00 euros
  • Up to 2 kg (weighed including packaging) 5.00 euros

3. The email you receive will describe the rate group for the letterbox shipping of your chosen order. To process the shipping rate correctly, we will send you a discount code that you must enter at checkout in order to obtain the custom shipping rate. It also states that this shipping form is uninsured, and therefore we cannot be held responsible if the shipment is unexpectedly lost. 99 out of 100 shipments are going well, but it's always possible that you're just out of luck. There is also no track&trace available.