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Chamber of Commerce number: 61429228

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IBAN: NL56KNAB0206026897

Delenkorf is the company of Raymond Bosch. Raymond has driven almost exclusively Italian cars in the past 15 years, with a rich history of Lancia in his former and current fleet, but Fiat and Alfa Romeo also have a place in his car heart. Since Raymond spent only a small part of his time on Delenkorf, he has a regular job next to it. The telephone accessibility of Delenkorf is therefore not constant, contacting us by e-mail is therefore usually the best.

As an amateur keyer, I have been experiencing problems for years to get affordable and easily available used and new car parts for Italian cars from between 1980 and 2005. The offer is often very limited, and very expensive. Especially for Lancia, the online offer is very limited. From that loss I started Delenkorf.

Delenkorf has a very clear philosophy on how to deal with used car parts and that is based on the following principles:

Only actually reusable parts are offered on Delenkorf, which we would not want to reuse ourselves, we also do not offer in our webshop.

Used parts make it fun and affordable to keep a car aged 8 years or older on the road!

You know immediately and without having to contact us what a part costs so that you can compare. We also pay due attention to the descriptions.

Order anytime, anywhere via the webshop, pay online and the next day at home.

Our photos are taken clearly and from different angles. They are not sample pictures, but photos of the exact part that you can purchase. If we have more than 1 copy of a part, you have the choice which one suits you best, if there is a difference in wear and tear, that also translates directly into a lower selling price.

We only carry used parts of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and BMW, Audi of models between 8 and 20 years old. We have a look at that! In the rest, others are better or more complete.

This translates to Delenkorf's mission:
We want it, due to our quality and reliability, deserve to be your fixed address for used parts for your car from Italy. In the end, we hope to save these models from a premature end on the car run. This way, the beauty of the age-old models of these brands can be preserved for Dutch roads. It should be fun again with pride in driving your car that is not too young, but also not too old. Easily available used parts play a decisive role in this. We fulfill our ambitions together with our customers: the passionate garage companies and hobby keyers.