Used original air filter house for Lancia Delta integral 8V and 16V (year 1989 to 1991).

The filter house is incomplete and has multiple damages. However, a handy handyman can still make something of this. The flaws;

- the bottom part has an damage to the mounting point (crack in the bottom due to tightening too tightly in the past) can be made airtight with kit.

- upper is missing a piece of the edge on the side it is closest to the front of the car. Still airtight, more of a cosmetic damage

- the 3 mounting rubbers are present, but 1 is torn out, needs to be swapped

- the suction trumpet of the part lacks a piece of the edge. Will not affect the operation.

- There is only 1 clamp left, so the remaining 5 clamps are missing! May be able to transfer from your old unit.

black plastic model. The air filter house for type 1 delta varies by type, this filter house is only suitable for 8v and 16V integral,

OEM Lancia 82421424

OEM Lancia 8242

Air filter house Delta Integrale 8v -DAMAGED-

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