Used ignition switch with wiring harness without attachments so without a lock cylinder and without antenna for the immobiliser chip. Both parts are easy to transfer yourself without special tools.

The lock is incorrectly in a correct working condition. The blocking pin is somewhat worn out, see the photos.

For those who prefer to go for a new one; we also have it in our shop. This used unit is a great alternative to the handy tinkerer in terms of cost.

This type of ignition switch is suitable for:

  • Alfa Romeo 166 from year 2003 with manual gearbox.
  • Lancia Kappa all models equipped with manual gearbox
  • Ferrari F430

This lock is NOT APPLICABLE to the automatic version of the Alfa 166 and Lancia Kappa and also not applicable to the Alfa Romeo 166 from years of construction before 2003.

OEM Alfa Romeo 60624943

Ignition switch Lancia/Alfa/Maserati -USED-

  • Brand: TRW
  • Product Code: DK00102390
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  • €71.39

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