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Our partners

We are proud to work with the following partners:

Car service Steven Naijenhuis is a universal-garage that still the old-fashioned quality of computer operators who tinkers, and the customer. Many car owners in Zutphen know Steven Nadeau issued for all kinds of maintenance, tires and so on, but there is also clearly a group of car enthusiasts in the customer base, that the degree of care and personal attention appreciate where car service Steven Nadeau is known for. Please have a look at the website for general information, or go directly to the tires-online store for an idea of assortment and prices.

Car service Steven Nijenhuis is a fitting partner for Parts basket, virtually all parts can be mounted in consultation. If you wish, the shipping costs and we deliver our parts on site at the agreed montagedag. Please always contact Share basket on by email.

Car service Steven Nadeau
Mercuriusweg 2
7202 BS Zutphen
Tel: 0575-775569

Abbott Cars is engaged in maintenance and sale of all recent Lancia models, also Fiat and Alfa Romeo owners belong to the target group. Abbott has 25 years of experience in Lancia area, and can handle the models Lybra, Ypsilon, Thesis, Nahal and Musa. The specialty of Abbott, however, is the Lancia Kappa and specifically the Lancia Kappa Coupé. Of this exceptional and exclusive model (the last hand-built Lancia with only 3200 units produced) has Abc always a wide choice in watches of exceptional quality. Just take a look at the website of Abbott cars where there is also a wide selection of thumbnails is offered.

Arendse Cars Lancia Specialist
't Holland 47
T 0316-261,541